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Review Airoh Commander Helmet // Alex Mototravellers // ENG

By dimuzioax on 27 Aprile 2020
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These are my personal impressions.

In this review I will avoid all the kinds of information that you can easily find in the product description as statistics, accessories that come with the helmet etc…

I want to share the practical aspects of using it after more than 40.000 km, from hottest lands as the Sahara desert, the Colombian forests, Polish highways in August to the mild climate like Italian low Alps area where I live.


The first impression wearing the Commander is that is very thigh in the ears area. The first times, adding my Sena interphone device the situation was getting even worse.

Lots of friends, followers and members from bike related-groups that I follow, told me that they removed the foam to make room for the interphone headset, honestly DON’T DO IT, the helmet supposes to save our life in case of incident.

After a few months using the helmet, it will become softer and more comfortable.

With a cost between 300€ to 350€ is a good medium-range helmet, in my opinion to date, it’s one of the most aesthetically beautiful as per the KLIM KRIOS, (which is more expensive).

Regarding the ventilation, the small window in the front part could be improved to guarantee a better transpiration specially with hot temperatures.


After disassembling few times the insides in order to wash them, I noticed that they lose grip on the clips and they don’t pin back properly. The helmet padding is considerably damaged after one year of usage. After all, I found the helmet interiors cozy.

The weight of the helmet is around 1400/1450 grams, which is good for an adventure style helmet.

At Eicma 2019 Airoh presented the new beautiful Carbon version, which is 100/150 grams lighter compared to the regular Commander  also with the chance to get the smaller visor mirrored against the sunlight.

Regarding noise, I have never found an “adventure helmet”, (by this I mean a helmet with Enduro/cross shapes and visor), which is silent  compared to any modular or full-face helmet that I’ve got. The Airoh Commander is not an exception



-Excellent field of vision
-Very attractive look
-Reasonable price



– Ventilation to improve
-Sun visor hard to adjust and not perfectly clear



Everything started thanks to my father, whom at the age of 4 put me on my first bike, a glorious Malaguti Grizzly 50.

During the years the passion for the off road on 2 & 4 wheels took me to be in love with travels and adventure, on board of Land Rover Defender, Toyota Land Cruiser, discovering Romania, Albania, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Iran, just to name a few.

After all, I get back in the saddle not just for homegrown off road, but even as a way of life, travel and see the World.