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Ride To Georgia – part 2 – Romania // Vladimir Klempa // ENG

By carlonline on 30 Giugno 2019
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After a day riding through Hungary and sleeping in a small village close to the border I am excited to enter Romania once again. Crossing the boarder is pretty smooth. Skipping all the queue helps a lot. Not really sure how the car drives feel about it, but better not ask 🙂 And so here I am in Romania; a country where the time stopped. It’s amazing to see the contrast. Only the main road is covered by asphalt. The other streets is just gravel. Another characteristics of Romania is churches. They are everywhere and there are many of them of all kind. From wooden one to new modern buildings. Tomatoes too. The best tomatoes on our last year tour through south of Europe. I think it will get stuck in my brain forever. I stop close to one of the churches and immediately have an attention of 2 workers. First they think I am taking pics of them working. So they come close and start asking. Once they realise I am here to take pics of that church they start advising me of a better angle. I really prefer crossing the country hitting those small villages. I guess you can see more of the real life of that country.

I am having a refreshing break in one of them. A small park offers a little and slightly rusted playground for kids. Taking some pics and doing some videos of the scene when suddenly I hear a guy screaming from the other side of the street “Hey, take a picture of me”. You don’t have to ask me twice to do so. Changing the lens for the portrait one and I am ending up in the garden of this guy taking some pics of him. Hilarious. Finally, I have a chance to hit some off-road section in the little pass. I really wish there was someone here with me to camp. Big open space with an amazing view to all sides would be a great way to enjoy the evening. Heading to my guesthouse I cross my a big group of enduro riders heading up that pass. Romania is just a paradise for enduro riding. My journey is however directing me much further and so I have to leave this for the next time.