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REV’IT Cayenne Pro: Adv Gear Review //Alex Mototravellers // ENG

By dimuzioax on 5 Maggio 2020
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Let’s talk about my current summer outfit, which has accompanied me in the last months of travel around the world.
I tested this suit during the summer 2019 in Colombia, Poland and also in the Sahara Desert, for a total of 25000 km.

I would like to be clear about the items that I test, for this reason I think that is better for you to be aware that I’m a Rev’it ambassador. Despite this, I will write below my positive and negative impressions, because I believe that the perfect suit does not exist and the impressions are always very personal, depending on many triggers.


Rev’it Cayenne Pro is a summer suit that includes jacket, gloves and trousers to be used with hot temperatures.

One thing that surprised me most, living in the Alps, (with temperatures not always mild), is its ability to be comfortable even at temperatures around 15 degrees.

Very important note for an Adventure jacket are the protections.

Both Jacket and Pants are equipped with protection level 2 SEEFLEX.

As well as having excellent ergonomics and not feel them almost on, their shape allows excellent breathability, absolutely not to be underestimated.

A special mention should be made for the leather inserts on the shoulders, elbows and knees, giving a real touch of refinement, which I have never had the pleasure to find on another Adventure garment.

The perforated and breathable areas in Schoeller-Dynatec fabric, (recognizable by the color gray laminated and reflectors) are present on the chest, sleeves, back and in the anterior area of the thigh offering an excellent ventilation.

Integrated in the jacket  there is a comfortable lumbar band, which guarantees not only a minimum support, but also the perfect fit of the back protector. The only flaw I found, is the weight of the jacket, detectable as soon as you take it in hand: for a summer garment could be lower.


Jacket and trousers are equipped with various adjustment straps that allow you to optimize the fit, whatever your body size.

I always bring with me a Rev’it Solar 2 Jacket, a fantastic travelling companion that I use as a second layer if needed. It is really compact, it saves space in the bags, being also a casual item not disdaining to be worn with jeans.


In conclusion the REV’IT CAYENNE PRO is an adventure suit for warm climates, but in my opinion, it can accompany you during cooler seasons like spring and autumn.

Quality is the word of order of the Dutch house and trying this complete I can only agree. Despite this year of intense use I have not experienced any breakages or deterioration of this garment, which I feel very satisfied.



Everything started thanks to my father, whom at the age of 4 put me on my first bike, a glorious Malaguti Grizzly 50.

During the years the passion for the off road on 2 & 4 wheels took me to be in love with travels and adventure, on board of Land Rover Defender, Toyota Land Cruiser, discovering Romania, Albania, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Iran, just to name a few.

After all, I get back in the saddle not just for homegrown off road, but even as a way of life, travel and see the World.