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Adventure Travel Couple // World Spins As Fast As We Ride // ENG

By dimuzioax on 17 Aprile 2020
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Verena and I live in Vienna and work as teachers in a primary and secondary school. This
year we started our biggest adventure so far – our wedding. We travelled the world by bike
for the last 3 years now. They led us to Scotland, the North Cape and the Balkans. We also do
a lot of Fly and Ride tours around Europe and northern Africa. With our jobs it is quite easy
to plan a holiday, rent bikes and travel around for one or two weeks, since our holidays
always overlap. After the first tours we started our project: World spins as fast as we ride.
we post our pictures and videos, write travel reports and help other people to get an idea
how to plan such trips. Over the last couple of years, we got in touch with so many people
which is the real benefit of traveling so far. All those people we met on our tours, our friends
and family, or those who write us, show us that it is all about the people.

We both drive BMW GS bikes. Verena owns a BMW R1200 GS Rallye from 2017 and Martin a
BMW R1200 GS ADV Rallye from 2018. It is always funny to watch how people react when
Verena takes off her helmet at a gas station or tourist spot, as most people are used to a
bearded guy riding this kind of beast. The last two years we totally fell in love with the bikes.
For us it is the perfect combination between on- and offroad, plus enough comfort on our
travels. With a little bit of modification like bar raisers and some equipment of SW-Motech,
we fitted some parts to our needs. Some people say it is too heavy or too big, but as soon as
the wheels are in motion, it is as smooth a ride as with any other bike in its class. You can
really go anywhere with those bikes. We never had any issues and would definitely choose
them again.

Before you star planning a trip like this, you have to acknowledge that the Scandinavian
countries are more expensive than many other European countries, so you have to plan
accordingly if money is an issue. On the one hand you can plan your trip including hotels and
little camping pods – called "hytta" in Norway – but if you travel more than 4 weeks, it will
become costly very fast. The other and cheaper possibility is camping. You can do legal
wildcamping nearly everywhere and you will find plenty of camp sites where you have a hot
shower and a place to eat. In the north it is hard to give a weather forecast for more than
one day, but the best period of the year to do such a travel are the summer months. From
May to August, maybe September, is the best time of the year. There are no safety issues at
all as long as you are aware of the russian border and keep attention on the crazy reindeer
along your route.

The most beautiful places are those you did not expect. On our big tour last summer we had
such a moment. We arrived in Sirkka (Finland) and moved into our accommodation above
the Arctic Circle. The weather the last days was perfect and we could not believe our luck.
After dinner we spontaneously decided to drive to the nearby mountain. Without
expectation we could not describe the view and mood at the summit. For the first time of
our trip we could admire the midnight sun. A unique spectacle that we will never forget.

Another great moment for us was the tour to Austria's highest mountain in the spring of
2018. We were on the way back from Lake Garda in Italy and decided to try our luck. On the
day of our arrival, the road was cleared from the snow in winter and we could drive next to
meter-high snow walls. There were a few tourists on the road so we enjoyed the unique
view on the mountain.

One of our favourite roads is the NC500 in Scotland. It leads through the Highlands and the
rough coasts. The weather, the sea and the many sheep and highland cattle along the way
bring a very special atmosphere.
It is important to pay attention to yourself. Especially in this new world we live in, it is
important for many to use ideals. You must pay attention to yourself. Do not pretend to
others. Live your life and keep an eye on your goals. As we put it in our slogan: World spins
as fast as we ride. Everyone decides how fast he or she is traveling, where to sleep or how
long to stay on a place. Live your own adventures and not from a traveller’s journal.

This year we already visited Finland again in the wintertime. We had a awesome time in Levi,
the biggest ski areas. In summer we had +30°C and in February we had -36°C. Crazy start in
the new year but it was great fun there. In April we will visit Morocco for the second time.
Little tours in May and June before our wedding at the end of June. Our honeymoon we will spend on a motorbike trip from Vienna in Austria to Istanbul (Turkey). 4 weeks through the
Balkan states on little gravel roads. Next year we already have so plans. Stay tuned