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The “Look around the Globe” inspiring story // ENG

By dimuzioax on 26 Aprile 2020
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When three years ago we decided to go and visit some places around Pamir mountains during our three weeks of vacations nobody has thought and even occured that our „quite small” private trip chasing dreams can become a life style – they said.
The motorcycle-travel-lifestyle which seems to be now quite big adventure which we continue riding around the world.Here are Marta and Lucas, Polish couple at our 30’s, both morotcyclists, who love traveling and discovering.
And of course they met because of bikes! After Marta’s small moto-accident Lucas, as a friend of her friend, supposed to be her private teacher of riding. But their story has begun and until now seems that there hasn’t been any lesson of riding, because sirprisingly they decided to be a couple and we bet you know how the teacher-student situation looks like when you are in a relationship. But of course they both ride their bike swapping on the way.
After jumping on one bike (now known as the Donkey, BMW F800GS) they just started to ride ahead… and the more places they have seen the more they wanted to see. It’s a like a travel-bug, in a positive meaning of couse, but when we add a motorcycle the mixture is even more explosive.
The record of the record, but also the first big motorcycle trip when they realized was the one mentioned above – when they made almost 15 000 kms in 21 days just trying to ride on wheels to Chinese border and coming back to Poland to be at work on time. They knew, as it is clear the journey exhausted them a bit, that that kind of a distance should be done during longer holidays.Three months later they were in South America in Valparaiso quitting their jobs in Poland and just starting their American adventure from Argentina to Alaska, from the famous Fin de Mundo to Deadhorse on Alaska.After some caculations, in general, they planned to stay on the road for 6 months and make about 40 000 kms. Meanwhile the adventure created the reality by making the trip longer – with both – months and kilometers.  And that was a beginning.They explored then 18 countries and finished with the 60 000 kms on their clock and with the new plan which has been germinating…the most undiscovered and various continent – not so easy as they say to cross – Africa. Africa on wheels riding around.
After South American climate zones which they crossed all – deserts, jungles, high mountains, tundras, seeing volcanos, glaciers, oceans, canyons, waterfalls, animals and , after all wonders of nature on their way from the most southern to the most northern point of both Americas – they realized how the world is beautiful and how amazing are people everywhere with their hospitality. Getting to know their culture and the desire of discovering and experiencing, learnig the life was stronger they expected.
The journey is addictional, they knew that.
They were aware of knowing as well as it won’t be easy to prepare the African trip on one bike or it will be extra difficult to finish traveling, as the longer you are riding the more you want to see, feel and know. Not maybe discover as a new place, but every place is discovered any time somebody can feel it. Even being in the same place again with different people, in a different season, just with the new perspective can be like discovering and having a totally new experience.Coming back from North America and landed in Europe, they experienced some bad tings – an accident on bike in Scotland which stopped them for few months in Poland to recover and another one in Spain in 3 months after, just five days of riding from Poland to Africa. They came back home weakened, exhausted and just tired because of these miseries – which likes company as they say – and having the feeling that 2017 year is not maybe a time for them to start anything.
That time they also decided to split up for a while to have a new outlook and for Lucas the the only chance to make it was to jump on a bike again amd just ride further, but for Marta better was to move to her place she was living before and went to work just forgettibg about some bad moments.

Lucas riding alone the whole west coast of Africa and having some time to think he understood one thing – better to travel together. The same with Marta who stayed at home.

So after some time both of them realized very importatnt thing – no matter how hard it was – they should be together, as both of them were missing each other.In one month Marta reorganized her life again and took a plane to Cape Town to join Lucas and since then together they started seeking the adventure on the east part of Africa.When you compare two sides of the map – you will easily see the difference between the routes. Lucas – the rider made something like 20k kms over a slightly longer time than 2 months riding from Poland ti Cape Town, and when Marta joined him – they started discovering the „black continent” making like 35k kms together in another 8 months!

Their characters and them are opposites, but together they are complemantary and can create a team.

Africa showed them its beauty and values in a wonderful way. By meeting people on the way, by getting know better the area surrounded them, the real life and needs of local people they realized even more what does it mean a wonderul life. Africa also tought them some parience, strenghth, empathy and broader look.
It showed how to live slower but scooping up the life with hands and how to be happy with some basic things.
Many people will tell you that Africa is specific and different – but to describe the word „different” – you need to go there and create your own opinion and decide what does it mean personally for you.
Hope you can imagine that it hasn’t been the end of their trip…
They are now on their way to Austrailia riding a bike through Middle East and southern Asia.
Still the same bike, still together they are heading the last continent they want to discover by their eyes. Seems that this trip, the third part of the around-the-world-trip will be the longest one, as finally now they have organized some support to travel a bit slower by sharing their adventute in an official way.
They travel to show that no matter who you are, no matter how old are you, where are you from, how big are your dreams – just move your a** from the coach, dream, plan, organize, improve your skills, ask other people, and belive. Being consequent, hardworking and optimisic – you will get what you want, what you deserve and what you are dreaming of.
Just act, don’t sit with arms crossed doing nothing and watching everyting in Internet – the world is beautiful and is waiting for you.Just look up, be inspired but live your own life and create your adventure.
More you can find on their Instagram or Facebook or YouTube channel.


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