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Ride To Georgia // Vladimir Klempa // ENG

By dimuzioax on 20 Aprile 2020
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  After last couple of year riding on a motorbike around Europe with my friends I have decided to take up a new adventure. Ride solo east. The previous experience taught me I will be more comfortable on a lighter bike and so I sold my beloved 1200GS and I am hunting for something smaller. I got obsessed with the weight of the bike and so the choices for European market narrow down to only a couple of bikes. Searching furiously on all the websites I finally find the one which ticks most of the checkboxes off. Not a very well known version of Yamaha XT660 model; the model R. With the wet weight of 181kg, 15l fuel tank and 35.1 kw I feel like it is THE ONE. Having a test ride I am already having a lot of fun and so I purchase this beast and called my friend Manuel, Xavi and Ricardo to help me (or better said to do most of it) with the transformation. No better place than Motorradhanger in Zurich would fit this projec. Once receiving all the parts the transformation begins. We (they) change the whole exhaust system, both front and rear suspensions, mirror, handlebar, install heated grips, touring wind shield, bigger foot pegs, skid plate… After many hours and pizzas next door, the bike is ready! YAMAHA XT660R • Year 2013 • Wet weight 181kg (original) • 1 cylinder (35.1 kw) • 15l fuel tank • 21” front 17” back wheel With all the luggage (meaning overloaded bike in my case) I can start the first journey. An overnight train to Slovakia where I spend some time with my parents. Here we change the chain, oil and filters and after couple of days I am ready to go.