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5 Useful Tips for a motorbike Trip In Tunisia// Alex Mototravellers // ENG

By dimuzioax on 26 Aprile 2020
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5 Useful Tips for a motorbike trip in Tunisia



Check that tour insurance’s green paper includes Tunisia, in lots of cases is not. Is possible to stipulate a temporary insurance once you arrive at the port of Tunisi, while you are doing customs procedures. Ask to a policeman or someone working at the port the location of the office in change of a tip.

Customs procedures

In case you reach Tunisia via sea, and you take a ferry from another Mediterranean country, in the evening there is a dedicated area where is possible to do customs procedures necessary to enter the country. You’ll need to be patience, have your passport with you, and all the motorbike documents so you can save a lot of time later once you disembark in Tunisi.
Ask at the information desk of the ferry to find out time and location.



The local currency in Tunisia is “Tunisian Dinar”, you can change cash when you just arrive  at the port, check the currency exchange rates, is very useful to have local currency as soon as you get there. That’s because the gas stations just outside the port to not accept credit cards, they accept only cash in local currency. In case you will not able to get cash the first motorway exit towards Hammamet accepts even euro coins.

– Internet connection
Check with your phone operator if they have offers for abroad, normally they are very expensive. My phone operator is Tim, before departing I activated  “TIM IN VIAGGIO PASS” at the cost of 30,00€ for 1 month. The offer included only 2 GB internet, 100 minutes of calls, (50 min. in and 50 min.out) and 100 text messages. In Tunisi I found a better offer in a shop Oredoo, 25gb for 30 days at the cost of 28 dinari (9,00€ only). The signal was very good everywhere around the country always got 3g & 4g.


20 litres of benzin cost around 9,00 / 10,00 €. In the big cities you’ll find regular gas stations, but not always.
Happened to me twice to get petrol along the way from bazars that sells contraband benzin from Algeria. For this reason I strongly recommend to keep with you a piece of a woman’s tights, (yes, you understand correctly), like so you can easily filter dirt if present.


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Everything started thanks to my father, whom at the age of 4 put me on my first bike, a glorious Malaguti Grizzly 50.

During the years the passion for the off road on 2 & 4 wheels took me to be in love with travels and adventure, on board of Land Rover Defender, Toyota Land Cruiser, discovering Romania, Albania, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Iran, just to name a few.

After all, I get back in the saddle not just for homegrown off road, but even as a way of life, travel and see the World.